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18 feb 2016
ArExcelReport version 2.4
24 jan 2016
ARWordReport version 2.3 - магазин софта

. Introduction

ARWordReport is freeware Delphi component designed to provide easy way to generate reports in Microsoft® Word. It is handy and may be used as main or complementary reporting tool in your projects.
ARWordReport gives software developers (and end users) rich abilities to create reports easy in transportable format.


End users got interactive reports in well-known Microsoft® Word environment.
Extremely simple report templates creation direct in Microsoft® Word using its full formatting abilities.
No Microsoft® Word addons and tweaks needed.
Compatible with any Microsoft® Word versions begining from Word 97.


Simple report templates creation direct in MS Word using its full formatting abilities.
Passing data into report by different ways including named text parameters, datasets and OnTag event.
Data tables, conditional blocks and numerators in report.
Conditional blocks in report template.
Custom SQL Queries in report template.
Data access engine-independent.
Custom macros execution in report.
Safe multi-user simultaneous access to the same template file.
Resulting reports appears in Microsoft® Word as new unsaved documents (default behaviour).


Template--> Result


MS Word 97.. Word 2013.
Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006, 2009, XE, XE2..XE8, Delphi 10 Seattle, C++Builder.

License type

ARWordReport is freeware without source.
See ordering page for full source pricing.


See download section.


See samples section.

Possible limitations

ARWordReport is not perfect as main reporting solution when report generation speed is critical. However ARWordReport use many tricks and "know-how"s to achieve maximum possible performance while utilizing Microsoft® Word. Run demo projects to examine speed.
Slowed down with large tables in report (especially with <#txttable:>). Use ARExcelReport for printing large table reports instead.
Limited application within server-side multi-threaded environment. It is related to well-known server-side Office Automation problems. However ARWordReport designed to run even in such environment and prevents maximum possible issues by isolating the template file from component instances, suppressing of interactivity with the desktop e.t.c.).

Note regarding MS Office Word 2010 and MS Office Word 2013.

(in case you got some Word security messages during report generation, that should not happen with default ARWordReport settings)

MS Office Word 2010 and MS Office Word 2013 allow external applications (which utilize COM automation) to open files from Office trusted locations only.

Since ARWordReport make copy of each report template file in ARWordReport.TemporaryPath folder before processing (initially this scenario was used to prevent multiuser/multithread simultaneous access to single template file), you should add your ARWordReport.TemporaryPath to Word`trusted locations list (or assign existing trusted location to ARWordReport.TemporaryPath property). This single intermediate ARWordReport folder make possible to use single trusted location to open report templates actually located across multiple different folders/network drives.

(Word settings)
Go to Word Trust Center (Word Options - Trust Center - Trust Center settings.. - Trusted Locations) and check whether value from your ARWordReport.TemporaryPath is in trusted locations list (by default ARWordReport.TemporaryPath assigned to current user` Local Settings\Application Data folder). If it is not there then you should change either ARWordReport.TemporaryPath or trusted locations list.

You can also use small OfficeSecurityTweaker utility to modify MS Office Word Trusted Locations list on end-user computer. It may be used to add even Windows temporary path (%TEMP%) to MS Office Word trusted locations list (while it is not possible from standard Word settings UI).

OfficeSecurityTweaker supports command-line mode so you can include it into your setup projects.

OfficeSecurityTweaker Command-line example (see Readme.txt inside zip-archive):

OfficeSecurityTweaker.exe -app Word,Excel -path "%LOCALAPPDATA%\MyApp" -sub -all -descr "MyApp folder" -msg "Folder was added to Office Trusted locations"

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